Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my Debit Card, Credit Card, or Bank information?

To connect your payment information first make sure that your Venmo account is connected to Thanks! (click here for help). Open the Venmo app, tap the menu icon in the top left corner and from Settings select ‘Bank & Cards’. Link your bank account or add a debit/credit card as your payment source. Now you can send money to anyone! (Note: Venmo charges a 3% fee when using a credit card.  It is free to use a debit card or your bank account)

How do I check my balance?

Thanks! does not hold your money. When you receive money through Thanks! the money is held in your Venmo account. You may see your balance at any time from the main menu of the Venmo app. When sending money through Thanks!, the balance in your Venmo account is used. Only when you do not have an accumulated balance is your payment information (Debit/Credit/or Bank Account) used to fund the balance needed to complete the transaction.

Do people already need the app to receive a tip?

Receivers do not need the app. If new to Thanks! they’ll receive a link to download the app and instructions to claim their payment. Payments are limited to $3,000 every 7 days. Unclaimed tips are returned to Senders automatically after 30 days.

Referrals: Influence Score

You can still invite your friends to use the app, but we’re not allowed to pay you for these referrals anymore because we’ve learned that it is a violation of Venmo’s User Agreement (Section B.1.b). We hope you’ll continue to refer your friends simply because the app is great!

Any other unanswered questions?

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