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Let’s be frank: cash is dead.

There are cards for every consumer, from millionaires to millennials. Technologies like Square have reinvented the cash-only establishment. And our good friend Venmo has made routine transfers of funds between friends so simple, it’s become an accepted verb in the English language.

Occasionally, the lack of interest in our dearly departed dollar is so severe that, when faced with credit card minimums, we’d rather throw an extra pack of gum on the counter than hunt for the nearest ATM.

But then again…perhaps we’ve gotten carried away. As much as we may hate to admit it, there are still a few places where the dollar bill (in all its antiquated splendor) is necessary.

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3 Tip-Top Tips to Use Tipping Apps

The Thanks! app is built on an established and secure money transfer infrastructure: Venmo. But while Venmo is designed to transfer money among friends, Thanks! allows you to send tips to people you don’t know. In fact, they don’t even need to have the app themselves – a text or email can link to the money. And with their referral program, you’ll get a dollar back if they sign up for the service, too.

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Thanks A Million

Thanks!: Tipping service providers who go above and beyond can sometimes feel awkward, particularly when a gratuity is handed over in person. Perhaps the amount of change left after a purchase isn’t appropriate to drop into a tip jar or there isn’t an obvious opportunity to thank the worker with a few extra bucks. Thanks! allows users to tip people digitally via their Thanks! ID, phone number, or email address. To use the app, both parties create a profile, which is then connected to their Venmo accounts. Service providers can discretely display their Thanks! ID to start earning tips.

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Thanks! Easy Tipping App

Thanks! is designed so that we may quickly and easily express our gratitude whether we know the other person or not. Send a message or send money, because it always feels good to be grateful or to be appreciated.

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